School of Business and Management

SBM Mission and Vision

The Colegio De San Lorenzo School of Business and Management aspires to substantially contribute in the frontiers of knowledge to bring out graduates who are:
• sufficient in technical skills and knowledge;
• skilled in problem solving and decision making;
• prudent in action; and
• contributing to the development of an empowered community.
The Colegio De San Lorenzo-School of Business and Management affirms its role in the holistic development of men and women through advancement and transmission of knowledge to be competent, emotionally mature, just, compassionate and useful contributors to society.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Financial Management

Program Description

The BSBA-Financial Management Bachelor’s degree program seeks to produce highly-qualified graduates with knowledge of financial institutions and markets, and skills in money management and investments.

The successful completion of the rigorous program equips students with a strong foundation on theory, principles, and concepts, as well as analytical perspectives that would provide a sound and competitive basis for financial and investment decision-making.

Apart from the basic concepts necessary in Business and Management, students that major in Financial Management can expect to enroll in specialized courses, such as Financial Analysis and Reporting, Banking and Financial Institutions, Monetary Policy and Central Banking, Investment and Portfolio Management, and Strategic Financial Management.

To consolidate and apply the learning from school into a meaningful and relevant on-the-job experience, students will undergo a 300-hour, hands-on experiential Internship Training Program that will expose them to tasks, work situations, and environments to develop the necessary competencies and skills needed to enhance the students’ transition from school to work.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the BSBA-FM program have promising options available to them, since efficient business operations rely on effective financial management.

  • Auditing staff
  • Financial analyst
  • Finance executive
  • Finance manager
  • Credit analyst
  • Financial examiner

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Human Resource Development Management

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management (BSBA-HRDM) program is an innovation as it incorporates labor and management employee relations with business administration. This program is structured to prepare students to become Human Resource Managers by learning the practices and principles of the profession, such as job analysis, employee selection, training and development, industrial relations, compensation and benefits, and the dynamics of organizational behavior.

Successful completion of the program equips students with skills and training needed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of personnel, while also developing their professionalism and moral integrity.

Career Opportunities

Program graduates can go on to become involved in strategic planning, employment practices monitoring, staff recruiting, benefits management, and employment safety. Available positions include:

  • Human resource manager
  • Corporate recruiter
  • Benefits specialist
  • Occupational analyst
  • Training manager

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Marketing Management

Program Description

The BSBA in Marketing Management program is designed to produce creative, analytical, and marketing-savvy graduates. Students of the program will learn knowledge and skills on effective marketing and sales strategies, understanding and analyzing consumer behavior, developing products and services to meet customer needs, developing advertising strategies, and working with sales organizations.

This program provides students with intensive training in business planning and how to direct the flow of services and products to clients. It aims to develop the necessary analytical skills, critical thinking, and creative skills to effectively manage marketing communication campaigns.

Career Opportunities

Students completing a major in Marketing Management can expect to move into management training programs in a variety of business organizations or into similar positions with advertising agencies, research organizations, non-profit institutions, health organizations, or the government. Available positions include:

  • Marketing and sales manager
  • Account executive
  • Retail services merchandiser
  • PR/Advertising specialist
  • Customer service representative
  • Sales representative
  • Entrepreneur
  • Product specialist (product manager, product development manager)
  • Brand specialist

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Operations Management

Program Description

Successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Operations Management (BSBA-OM) prepare students to be operations managers who transform businesses from a vision to a saleable product or service.

Graduates of a BSBA-Operations Management degree program will work in a variety of fields, each with its own employment outlook with emphasis on management and supervisory positions in manufacturing, retail corporations, the service industry, or the hospitality industry where they will oversee all activities related to the business, such as the delivery of services, the production of goods, distribution, global sourcing and procurement, materials management, forecasting, logistics, managing purchases, operations, inventory control, storage, and total quality management.

The Colegio values well-rounded development of its students; therefore, students of BSBA-Operations will not only possess the competencies and management skills needed to diagnose problems, formulate policies, and manage operations, but develop a strong foundation of values that will guide their decisions.

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