Legal Management

LEGMA Mission and Vision

By 2020, the College of Education envisions itself to be the flagships of the college in terms of ASEAN – competitive quality instruction and training in preschool and special education
• Undertake educational teaching consistent with the demands of the times and the needs of the community in particular good to the nation in general
• Bridge the diversity of the community through fairness and equality
• Expand educational curricula through technological enhancement, instructional delivery alternatives, and outcome-based assessment evaluation.
• Prepare each student to be effective leaders, efficient, and productive citizen by exposing them to social work on nearby communities.
• Provide training and workshops that will shape a holistic individual and teacher with a heart.

Bachelor of Science in Legal Management

Program Description

The BS Legal Management (BSLM) Program is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of business, management, law, and society. It provides graduates with knowledge and skills in the components of law and the legal and regulatory intricacies of business environment.

The purpose of this multifaceted program is to develop the study of law within business-management and explore the myriad ways in which law is connected with other management disciplines that are essential to gaining an understanding of contemporary business and society.

The BSLM program aims to develop managers of the twenty-first century who have working knowledge of law, business, and society from a perspective of corporate leadership and good governance with due regard to the rights and welfare of all stakeholders

Legal Management possible careers

SLM graduates may find fulfilling careers as:

  • Law clerk
  • Paralegal
  • Legal writer
  • Administrative assistant
  • Law librarians
  • Court reporter
  • Legal translator
  • Legal researcher
  • Legal secretary
  • Legal officer
  • Government service career officer
  • Brief writer
  • Legal editor
  • Contracts supervisor
  • Private investigator
  • Corporate secretary
  • Executive assistant for legal projects