A grand celebration of the CDSL’s 25th Anniversary brought an equally Grand Alumni Homecoming. The night of February 17, 2018 showcased not only the growth and progress of the Ruizians but also that of their beloved alma mater.

Attended by over 100 alumni, the event was hosted by former Miss SanLo Nisrene Arafa-Ching (CA, 2014) and had opening remarks from Alumni Director Miss Danica Tan (CA, 2012). This was quickly followed by a touching welcome address from College Executive Director Dr. Pedro R. Lora, Jr., which painted Ruizians as “vessels of Catholic faith in the service of the Lord.”

The early birds for the event were treated to a short tour of the college’s new renovations, such as specialized rooms for the new Criminology and Legal Management programs on the fourth floor of the RML building. They were also given a chance to experience the CA department’s CinemaReal, an educational exhibit based on Hollywood’s attempts at making experiential movies.

An election for officers of the Alumni Association took place, which saw Katia Montenegro-Pla (1998) as President, Carmel Tordesillas (1998) as Vice President, Nisrene Arafa-Ching (2014) as Secretary, Judith Santos (2016) as Treasurer,  and Adrian Valdez (2016) as Auditor. The College Registrar also gave out awards for Outstanding Alumnus, which included Atty. Cynthia Cordero, Brian Spencer Reyes, Jocelle Andrea Lucban, Kier Reyes, Aizel Ongre-Caber, and Sherel Kate Simon.

Overall the night was filled with nostalgia, laughter, and reminiscing. However, a bright and hopeful future awaits our Ruizians as CDSL continues to excel and do its best to uphold its core values of faith, excellence, and service. As Dr. Pedro Lora so poetically put, “Let us continue chasing dreams and silver linings.” Viva San Lorenzo!